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Road Trip Entertainment for Little Ones

On Podcast #2 we discussed the pros/cons of driving vs flying. We also mentioned entertainment options for little ones on those long road trips (or even on the airplane!)
We pack a backpack for each kid with basically the same type of goodies-because you know when one sees something the other wants it!

Here are a few of our favorites:
(We have no relationship to any of the products or companies listed, just products we like!)

  1. Reusable Sticker books. The “reusable” part is key. These sets can be used over and over. Many of our sticker books have made repeat road trips.
  2. We have a large variety of the “Water Wow” kits. They are about $5.00 each and we have definitely got our money’s worth. They come with a mess free reusable water pen/brush.
  3. Color Wonder markers by Crayola are “magical”. They are “mess free”, as they only work on special Color Wonder paper.
  4. Lap Trays. These are great for road trips or on the couch at home. Zippered storage for crayons and markers on the side.
  5. Color by Sticker. The bad news? Not reusable. The good news? More engaging and can keep them busy for awhile. The one pictured below is a children’s version, but there are also more intricate adult ones available as well. A fun way to pass time on the road.More intricate designs:

In addition, we always bring A Travel DVD player and lots of movies. We are possibly one of the only families without a tablet, but that is also a great option. We also bring plain old coloring books and crayon and Magnadoodles,, the classics never go out of style 🙂

What are some of your favorite travel toys/games (for the young and young at heart!)?

One thought on “Road Trip Entertainment for Little Ones

  1. We have used small prize bags to give every hour – 2 hours. For my son we put in some cars,some figurines, some dollar store trinkets, and some special snacks. We even put some of his toys from home in them. He was surprised to see them when he opened the bag. It gave him something to look forward to throughout the trip.

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