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The Bill Farmer interview/Dayton Disneyana 2018

Event: Bill Farmer interview (voice of Goofy) / Dayton Disneyana 2018 Summary: In this podcast, we have a special treat for you! We interview Disney Legend Bill Farmer, the voice of Goofy. In addition, we provide a quick overview of the Dayton Disneyana event. Length: 19 minutes 51 seconds Dayton Disneyana Website Welcome to the Dayton […]

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Lodging: Pros and Cons of Staying Offsite

Lodging: Pros and Cons of Staying Offsite Summary: In this episode, listen to the crew at Midwest Mainstreet discuss the pros and cons of staying offsite rather than on Disney property. This episode should give you useful information to help you determine if staying offsite is best for you and your family. Length: 23 minutes 35 seconds […]

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