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Liberty Tree Tavern Dining Review

Liberty Tree Tavern Dining Review

The Liberty Tree Tavern is table service restaurant located in the Liberty Square area of Magic Kingdom, and has become a Disney Dining staple for our family! 

My husband is what I would call a ‘picky eater.’  I’m talking finicky, high maintenance three-year-old palate, picky.  Quick service dining at Disney is easy for him…cheeseburgers, pizza, chicken tenders, nachos…all things picky three-year-olds love!  While visiting Disney we like to have a mix of quick service meals (the term ‘quick service’ refers to easy, always available walk-in restaurants where you order at a counter, and find a seat to enjoy your meal, think fast-food), and table service (‘table service’  refers to sit down and themed restaurants, character meals, buffets, etc). Reservations are highly recommended for table service dining. Some harder to get reservations should be done well in advance of your trip, but we’ve had some luck getting same day reservations off the My Disney Experience app.

Luckily, the picky eater among us loves it! The New England style menu offers  simple and plentiful “comfort foods.”  See the full menu here.  We typically have no trouble snagging a reservation for lunch or dinner, however this time around, took some persistence.  We were happy when we finally secured our reservation for 7! The classic American meals are served in a traditional colonial setting. Cast members dress the part of the Sons and Daughters of Liberty and are quick to refill your iced tea or Sam Adams lager.  

Our Food!

The hubs stuck with his regular pot roast with mashed potatoes and mac-n-cheese (like any typical picky fellow, he subbed the mac-n-cheese for the usual vegetables!).  It was tender, fall apart roast with creamy mashed potatoes and gravy. The mac-n-cheese was on the dry side, but picky-pants liked it.

I had the chicken pot pie.  It’s kind of a creamy chicken pot pie soup with puffed pastry biscuits on top.  It was good. I’m always sharing my food with the little people that follow me around (don’t most moms?), so we could have used a few more pastries–they were delicious! 

The kiddos shared a few bacon cheeseburgers. They came with fries and fruit.  The burgers were your average non-fast food burger size, and were tasty.

Our most recent Disney trip was in the heat of summer, and it was super steamy the days we were there.  We opted to bring in stainless steel water bottles to help prevent the overheated/dehydrated/fatigued crabbiness that can happen so quickly with pre-teens!  We carried a backpack with mesh bottle holders on the sides for quick access (although it did add weight) and brought them in the parks with ice water, and refilled them every chance we got.  All of the quick service and snack counters offer free ice water, and we pretty much stopped at them all–it was SO hot! When we were finished with our meal at the Liberty Tree we asked for refills and dumped them in the water bottles.  Mamma needed more caffeine, and the iced tea was so good. The sprites and cokes offered a pick me up to the littles.  

Magic Kingdom offers a variety of good food options.  Depending on the lay out of your day, a table service option can offer a nice break in the action, while still being an experience in itself!   The table service restaurants are themed (in food options, decor, and in true Disney fashion, down to every tiny detail!), air conditioned and cool, and the service has always been great in our experiences.  Check out menus and restaurant locations on the My Disney Experience app to see what foods and locales would work for your family. You can also book reservations through the app, adjust times (if available), and get other info about the restaurants.  As a side note, our youngest has severe food allergies. We were able to notate this on our reservation, and she was provided an allergen-free menu, and the waiter made sure we were comfortable with the choices. As with all table service restaurants, we were offered a meeting with the chef if we felt it was necessary.  We did not (although we have once before–we’ll get into that story a different time!).  Special Dietary Requests

Give Liberty Tree Tavern a try the next time you visit Magic Kingdom.  Enjoy traditional New England Clam Chowder or delicious Tavern Cheese dip to start, and follow it up with the pot roast, lobster roll, or the Pilgrim’s Feast!  Have an ice cold beer or wine spritzer to wind down before hitting the pavement again! You won’t be disappointed!

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